Friday, January 16, 2009

Day One in Bloggerville

I've given up! I resisted the urge to create a blog until today. 2008 was a crazy year, I've decided to do a few things in 2009 starting with (dun dun dun!) a blog.

My cousin recently joined to keep people in touch with her everyday goings on. I had a login here a long time ago, and never really gave it a go. It was so long ago, in fact, that I forgot the username and password, so I created a new one. I had good intentions, I just fell short on them. So because I've been inspired by my cousin, I'm giving it a try. It really is a great idea... it's like letting people read your journal. Which actually is a little scary if you think about it. Scary for who? I'll let you be the judge.

Because I have children, this seems to be a great way to keep all of my out of town friends and family updated on our lives. I'll be able to post pictures and write about what silly little things my kids are doing now. So from this point on I'll try to come on here every day or so to keep it updated. I mean how hard can it be? Brace yourselves, this could get interesting. lol

Ok, now I'm about to get back to work. T-minus one hour and 2 minutes to go home time!

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