Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Fun

I’m in the need for a quick and simple post today. I’m the only one at work today (besides my boss) so I'm swamped, but want to make sure that I get something published just in case my week gets away from me. I was taking a gander at other people’s blogs earlier today and ran across Tiffany’s post from last week. I’ve decided to copy her idea but only this once because I’m not sure I can commit to it weekly, and also it’s Monday, not Thursday. Apparently every Thursday Tiffany calls her post Thursday’s with Tiffani (a different Tiffani) and she jots down what she’s thankful for, listening to, what’s for dinner….well read on to see what I mean.

I am Thankful for... My Timmy. Without him I don’t think my head would stay on straight. He’s also pretty patient with me whilst (I felt like sounding Shakespearean) I get my finances in order (so we can finally get married!!). He is also a great daddy and a loving partner. I would be a pretty lonely person without him, so today I am feeling extremely grateful to have him in my life. If you are reading this, I love you babe.

I'm listening to... Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. She has an amazing voice and makes beautiful music.

I'm looking forward to... the snow finally melting. Reagan keeps bugging me to go to the beach. The other day I told him that we won’t go until all the snow is gone, but he has asked me EVERY day since. I don’t think he grasps the whole “time” thing. It’s getting close though! All weekend was gorgeous! We even went to the park at Twin Lakes on Sunday, what fun!

What's for Dinner Tonight... I have no idea!! It's Monday, which means One Tree Hill night with my sisters. Every week they come over for dinner and watch the show with Timmy and me. It's fun, but as for dinner tonight I am clueless. Better send them an email to get it figured out!

Missing.... Kathy Vilandre. It's her birthday today and it makes me think of her more than normal. And, well, I’m still missing my mom pretty good, but since the other day I haven’t been emotional about it. That’s a good thing because I was getting tired of making myself cry every two minutes!

On a side note…my office rocks my socks! We have a monthly luncheon and it always has a theme with optional costumes and of course games. Last Friday was our April Luncheon and it was a blast from the past. In honor of the 80s I made Hamburger Helper (Cheesburger Macaroni). Here is a picture below of two silly co-workers dressed up 80s style. I didn’t get a costume in time to dress up, which bummed me out at first, but I’m resourceful. I’m happy to report that 15 minutes before lunch I ran into the ladies room, pulled my hair into a side pony tail and applied blue eye shadow up to my brows, race tracks on my cheekbones (quite David Bowie of me) and some bright pink lip gloss (not the same as lipstick, but hey!). I also managed to stuff some paper towels in place of shoulder pads to get the same effect, as well as taper my own jeans with paper clips! It was a pretty ghetto costume, but everyone got a kick out of it. Sorry, no pictures of the actual costume, but thank goodness for the mobile blogger! I was able to send a headshot for you to see. Enjoy.

Me. Trying to look fierce 80s style, sorry, the side pony tail bugged me.

Krista and Darcy! Awesome co-workers

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